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Messenger bots are all the rage of Facebook Messenger advertising right now. In the beginning, only a small number of businesses realized the value of bot creation for advertising. However, with the awesome visualization of bot ad results, several other industries began using the same. Companies like McDonalds, Nike, and Levi quickly embraced the bot strategy, and other major companies including Google, Facebook, and Yahoo! soon followed suit. The bot strategy is so successful that many companies are automating their advertising processes in anticipation of the upcoming consumer backlash against bots.

Bot advertising is very easy to set up, and even easier to use once you have it running. For those who want to make a messenger bot, the first thing you will need to do is create an account with Facebook developer tools. Facebook has a website where you can do this:

Next, you will need to register your application with Facebook. Log into your account and select the Application tab, then click on “Create a widget” and follow the instructions. Once you have done so, you will be asked to enter some information about your company, such as logo and short description. This will give you everything you need to create your widget.

After you have completed registration, you will be asked to choose which platform you would like to run your bot on. The two most popular choices are desktop and mobile, although both platforms have their pros and cons. Desktop options are generally better for those that want more flexibility and mobility, especially for businesses that are using the software internally or do not have a large customer service budget. Mobile apps are great for those that want to place their customer service reps in touch with customers at the push of a button. However, since mobile apps are generally less powerful than desktop counterparts, you might consider creating a desktop version of the application if you have the budget for it.

When you have installed your Facebook application on your customer service agents’ phones, you can begin testing your bot in real-life situations. Bots that send out personalized greetings to potential customers are an effective way to increase conversion rates. In addition to sending a custom greeting, these apps can also respond to phone calls and take messages from faxes. As you continue to test your bot in real-life scenarios, you will gain experience that will allow you to make faster, more reliable changes to your application in the future.

In addition to being able to save time, you can also save money. Bots that can automatically forward messages to customer service representatives save time spent typing out similar, but different responses to similar questions. Using Chat Bots for customer service, you can make faster, more efficient calls and responses, and in turn save time and money. Chat Bots are also more cost effective than having customer service reps call and physically visit your business.