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Fleur De Lis or Fleur De Seul is an award winning salt crystal. It originated in the northern region of France and is still produced to this day. Fleur De Lis is created in a round mould, shaped into a bowl. Each crystal stone is then cut into various shapes dependent on their size and shape and placed in the mould to be carved. Fleur De Lis crystal is often hand cut, and each piece is different from all the others. This unique technique ensures that Fleur De Lis sparkles and shines.

Fleur De Lis owes its origins to fleur de sel, which is a traditional round sea salt produced in the region of La Grande-des-Pens. Fleur De Lis has a long way to go to reach world fame and recognition. In fact it is so famous, it is now used in a large number of industries and art forms ranging from paintings to crystal and glass work. The distinctive fleur de sel texture and wonderful color to make it stand out. It is often used as inspiration for the creation of fleur de Blanc.

Fleur De Lis comes in many forms. Most common are the fleur de sel blocks, fleur de blancs, fleur de basse and fleur de cloches. Block form fleur de sel are the most widely known, with the classic round fleur de sel shape being extremely popular. Block fleur de sel are typically a translucent pastel pink color, however they can also come in varying shades of blue, purple, white and green. They are considered to be an easier, less expensive alternative than fleur de blancs.

Fleur De Lis Salt Block – Very similar to fleur de Blanc, the fleur de sel is mined from the seaside. Unlike fleur de Blanc which is harvested by hand and processed by hand, the fleur de sel is processed by automatic machines which give it a much more consistent taste. The crystals then get crushed and mixed with water to form a thick paste. This paste is then compressed into fleur de sel blocks that range in size from one inch to three inches. Each block varies in thickness, which results in the different fleur de sel varieties.

Fleur De Lis Salt – There are many different types of salt you can purchase for your fleur de lis projects however when creating your projects make sure to use the proper one. You can purchase this sea salt in most any grocery store. Many people actually enjoy the crunchier taste of fleur de sel, when it is prepared correctly. Because the fleur de lis is basically made up of crystal formed salts, it is imperative that you make sure you have proper sea salt when preparing it. Below are some serving suggestions to accompany your fleur de lis projects:

Chips and Salsa – This is a very easy recipe for fleur de sel that you can try with your chips and salsa. All you need for this dish is regular chips, reduced sodium sour cream, lime juice, and sea salt. Simply mix all of your ingredients together and then add them to your food processor or blender. After you blend them together you will have a great tasting, crunchy dip that everyone will love!

Feta Sauce – This is an excellent way to enhance the texture and flavor of your foods. For this recipe you will need softened cream cheese, egg, nonfat milk, and nutritional yeast. Next you will add in the cream cheese and egg until it forms a smooth paste. Then take your chopped vegetables and place them in the center of your feta sauce, spread out the entire mixture, and then cut it into little cubes. You can add your additional vegetables at the end if you so desire.

Lemon Juice and Mint Salsa – This tasty concoction will have your taste buds tingling as you taste the unique flavors of this salt. All you need for this dish is lemon juice, lime juice, and fresh mint leaves. Mix all of your ingredients together and then spoon the mixture over your baked potatoes or your tortillas.