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Biometics Flex Lightweight Flooring has been gaining popularity with its ability to resist damage caused by chemicals, grease, water and many other forms of stains. It has an anti-stain feature that reduces the risk of damage caused by water. The material is made of a tough polypropylene fiber that allows its surface to absorb and transmit water molecules even when wet.

biometics flex

The flexibility of Biometics Flex allows it to be molded without damage to the core. There are no edges where water can enter the material that will cause damage. This will help reduce the cost of repairing the floor because the company has ensured that there is no need for moldings and the edges have been properly sealed. This level of durability and resistance to damage is now possible with Biometics Flex.

With the addition of the new technology found in Biometics Flex, this brand of flooring is becoming more popular than ever. The “Out of the Closet” climate is now making this flooring an affordable solution for all homeowners and commercial clients.

Because the glue used to seal the edges has been removed from Biometics Flex, it is now available in two different finishes. The two options are single or double glazed. The choice for the customer is determined by their needs.

It also has the option of using wood grains on its surface. Wood grain floors will create a unique effect that will allow the owner to create his or her own design. They will be able to add their personal touch to this floor.

The biggest benefit of choosing Biometics Flex is the fact that it is non-skid. It is perfect for floors with low traffic areas and the manufacturer has included a slip resistant coating on this flooring. With this kind of flexibility, one can be assured that the flooring will not flatten or come off as easily as carpets.

A person who uses their home for work and also uses it for recreation should consider using Biometics Flex in the places they frequent the most. The manufacturer has made these floors available for a number of different applications. These include bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, basement and showrooms. Any place that gets heavy traffic is going to require protection from water.

Biometics Flex can provide the necessary protection to this area. Many people use their bathrooms and kitchens as work spaces. Even though the bathroom is an area of the home that does not get much traffic, it still deserves some level of protection.

Kitchen counters in the laundry room are areas of the home that do get a lot of traffic. One must protect these areas from dirt and food spills. This flooring offers the necessary protection for these areas as well.

Ladders are used in the bathroom, laundry room and living room. When these areas get heavy traffic they become slippery. This is why it is necessary to have a floor that will resist slippage.

Most ladders in the home will have a spray of paint over them to prevent permanent damage to the surface. If there is an accident that causes damage to the ladder and the paint is not used to seal the edge, this could be a problem. With Biometics Flex there is no need for any type of paint. The floor can be easily maintained with special products.

Whether a person is shopping for a single family home or a large industrial building, Biometics Flex can help. It will offer a variety of finishes that are suitable for all kinds of environments. The floors will also be rust resistant so there is no need to worry about extensive wear and tear on the property.