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Biometrics Plus is a company whose main product is Electron Kullan, an innovative photo-sensory recognition algorithm that can quickly identify human features in images using the photo-detections of its eight infrared channels. The company claims that this algorithm has the ability to remove 98% of the human figure errors and improve recognition accuracy by as much as 40%. To measure their claim, they showed us a demo of their new product at the Tokyo Game show. We were impressed and asked biometics plus for our official review. Read on for more information!

What is it? – Well, it’s an infrared camera lens that takes the images from the front and the back and compares them to a database of 1000+ human faces. Once the match is found, the software merges all the two images into a single lens. The resulting photo-sensory is good enough to allow biometrics recognition – the matching algorithm can take care of background and shading automatically. This results in a very high level of image quality. But more importantly, it’s cheap.

How does it work? – The whole process is pretty simple. You take the picture with your personal camera and upload it to the company’s server (this is done through a USB). They then scan the lens with their proprietary Kullan photo-recognition algorithm.

So…what do I get for my money? – The cost of the lens alone is about $300, which isn’t expensive when you consider the accuracy and productivity you’ll get from it. You’re also getting a photo-sensory interface, which is pretty standard stuff – you’re just comparing different lens photos, which isn’t all that unique or advanced. Of course, the real value lies elsewhere…

How long will it take to complete the process? – The answer varies greatly depending on the company you use. Some claim to have had the process completed within days; others say it’ll take weeks. Again, though, this is highly dependent upon the company you use.

Are there any disadvantages? – There are no significant disadvantages with the biometrics plus system. That’s why it’s an excellent solution for businesses and corporations, where image security is a priority. Also, though, it works great for anyone – even those who’ve had bad experiences with previous fingerprint or voice recognition technologies. In short, it’s completely foolproof.

Will it be more effective if I have multiple employees? – Yes – you’ll get an even higher degree of accuracy if you have multiple personnel entering and leaving the database. That said, it’s a little more complicated to maintain with several people; especially if the entry is from a variety of locations. So yes, if you have a lot of people coming and going from your facility or office – you should seriously consider implementing this technology.

Is bioethics perfect? No – not at all. But it’s still a huge improvement over fingerprint or voice recognition technology – which is also very expensive. It may cost more in the long run to implement, but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment when you consider the level of security and peace of mind you’ll get from using the Eklem system.

How secure is the system? – This really depends on how you set up your biometrics. The Eklem system provides several key-sets that are used to generate a one-time card that can be presented at any place, on any occasion. You get to choose how often the card is valid for and what factors make up the validity factor. This level of customization ensures that no two users will ever face the same obstacles when trying to access the database.

Will there be any way to update or remove my biometrics? – It’s easy. You can have your fingerprints or voice uploaded into the system so that you can create new passwords or change the existing ones. As soon as you complete a program that allows you to do this, your biometrics will automatically be updated.

Will biometics provide enough security and privacy for me? – Unfortunately, no. While the database is highly secured, some things still happen that make it vulnerable. However, having the right password means that your biometrics will always be protected while you log in to your accounts.