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Mi 6 comes with amazing design, a lot of power, features. Mi 6 will create a panoramic picture that comes with a lot of exhibits in 1 shot. The Mi 6 has come to be the topic of numerous rumors over the previous few days, bringing to a light a variety of details concerning its price and features. Mi 6 isn’t out yet but will be published soon by the business by the end of March or April. Mi 6 is among the most awaited smartphones from Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Mi 6 can be found in Nigeria through Jumia’s Global delivery support.

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The phone is now available in China and is predicted to hit the worldwide market soon. It is expected to run on its latest MIUI 8.0. Moreover, it is available in slew of options ranging from white to blue. As a flagship phone, it is extremely powerful. It is among the very best phone in the cost range.